• X-Rays

    Our Facilities Are Equipped With Latest X-Ray Technology And Experts To Perform Any X-Ray Exam.


    X-rays are typically performed on joints, hands, pelvis, skull, neck, mouth, chest, abdomen, teeth, and bone. You may even be required to do a full body x-ray exam, depending on your situation.
    While many believe x-rays are needed when there are fractures or broken bones but x-rays are also used for diagnosing blocked blood vessels, cancerous tumors, infections, osteoporosis, arthritis, and other conditions.
    Windermere Medical Group offers all types of x-ray facilities in every location to ensure your condition is properly diagnoses and treated.

  • Do You Need An X-Ray?

    Your health care provider might ask you to get an x-ray to:

    • Assess the areas where you are feeling pain or discomfort
    • Monitor disease progression, like osteoporosis
    • Check the progress of prescribed treatment
    Conditions That Require X-Rays

    All Windermere Medical Group Locations Are Equipped With X-Ray Facilities Managed By Specialists .


  • What To Expect During X-Ray Exams?

    Once the team has checked your eligibility for an x-ray exam, you will be asked to wear a gown before the process starts.

    • Women between 11 and 55 years would be asked about their last menstrual period to ensure there are no chances of a pregnancy
    • The technologist will explain the procedure to you and take measures to restrict the radiation exposure
    • The technologist will give you breathing and body positioning instructions to follow to capture the right x-ray images
    • Once the technologist confirms all the images have been taken in the required quality, you would be free to go


    What Happens After an X-Ray?

    After the x-ray has been taken, they are sent to the radiologists, who examine the results and prepare a detailed report. The results of the x-rays might be available on the same day or the next few days.
    The doctor will review the x-rays to diagnose or confirm the condition and prepare an appropriate treatment plan. You might be required to undergo additional x-rays, blood work, scans, or other diagnostic measures.


    Our X-Ray Specialists Are Equipped With The Knowledge And Technology To Perform Any X-Ray Needed For Your Treatment