• Women’s Health 

    Women's Unique Health Issues Require Multiple Specialized Health Services.


    Windermere Medical Group offers a range of medical health services designed to provide care to women’s health issues, including reproductive and sexual health, menopause, cancer, infertility, and pregnancy.

    We have expert doctors specializing in women’s health dedicated to offering the right treatment and care for each individual case. We understand the complexity of your physical and emotional needs and their evolution with environment, fertility, and age.

  • Women Health Services

    Windermere Medical Group offers major health care services for women to enhance their overall wellness, including:


    Our specialists provide care for reproductive organs of our patients, from routine checkups to hormone replacement therapy. The gynecology services include STD treatment, birth control counselling and more.

    Menopause Care

    Managing menopause can be challenging for both mental and physical health. We offer extensive care to help with the symptoms and ensure our patients make a smooth transition to the next stage of life.


    Pap Smear

    Cervical cancer is a major concern for women. We provide pap smear exam to detect any cancerous and precancerous processes in the cervix to create the relevant treatment plan.




    Breast Exam

    Breast care is crucial, especially for women over the age of 30. Regular checkups and examination are vital for breast cancer prevention. Our specialists guide female patients on how to conduct self-examination and create a personalized treatment plan where needed.

    Pelvic Exam

    It is essential to ensure your reproductive and sexual health. We provide pelvic examination to check for any potential diseases in the internal reproductive organs and the vulva to ensure overall wellness.



    • You Deserve the Best Medical Health Care at Every Stage of Life.

    • Women Health Care Support

      Windermere Medical Group understands the significance of women’s overall wellness. Our team comprises of highly-qualified and experienced health care practitioners, specializing in women's health.

      Our extensive care services guide women to be in control of their health and prevent long-term health issues. Aside from the primary care, internal medicine, and family medicine services, we offer the following services to tackle health issues affecting women:


      • Cervical screening test
      • Chronic disease management
      • Contraception advice
      • Family planning
      • Fertility advice
      • Immunizations
      • Iron deficiency
      • Menstrual disorders
      • Ultrasounds
      • Pelvic exams
      • Weight management


      Our team also refer our patients for obstetrics and mammograms related issues.


      We Help You Set Up Vital Preventative Measures And Offer Customized Treatment Plans.


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