• Sleep Issues

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  • Get on the Path to Better Sleep

    At Windermere Medical Group, we have a team of seasoned and board-certified physicians who assess, diagnose and treat sleep disorders among patients of all ages. We work cohesively with you to deliver the highest quality of care and service in a comfortable and compassionate environment.
    We offer several options for sleep care. Our practitioners strive to provide patients with the best treatments to ensure a restful night of sleep. So, whether you are dealing with the problem of lack of sleep or excess sleep, we can help.

    Characteristics of Sleep Disorders

    The top characteristics that indicate that you may be suffering from a sleep disorder are:

    • Trouble falling or staying asleep
    • Difficulty staying awake during the day
    • Your body's circadian rhythm is imbalanced and continues to interrupt your sleep schedule.
    • Your sleep gets disrupted.

    If you experience any of these issues, you may be suffering from a sleep disorder. It is best to seek treatment to help manage and overcome sleep issues to enjoy quality living and stay healthy. Remember, quality sleep is essential for the body to achieve optimal rest and recovery levels.

    Sleep Issues We Treat

    Our practitioners are adept and experienced in treating a range of sleep disorders, including but not limited to:

    • Sleep Apnea: caused by the obstruction in the upper airways
    • Restless Leg Syndrome: Painful feeling/sensation in the legs during nighttime
    • Parasomnias: abnormal behavior while sleeping, such as sleep paralysis or sleepwalking
    • Insomnia: trouble falling asleep
    • Narcolepsy: when the brain can't successfully regulate the sleep-wake cycles
    How Our Experts Diagnose and Treat Your Condition?
    At Windermere Medical Group, we are strongly committed to providing every client with quality treatments. Our access to cutting-edge diagnostic technologies empowers our experts to closely and carefully assess your condition and determine the exact type of sleep disorder you may have. We offer various diagnostic services such as sleep disorder education, CPAP therapy, and at-home sleep studies.
    Our practitioners also factor in potential health risks, pre-existing conditions, and the impact of the sleep disorder on your well-being. According to the diagnostic results, we then formulate a care plan with the best strategies and suitable medicine to help you get on the path to recovery and sleep well.