• Patient Care

    At Windermere Medical Group, our team believes that patient care is the foundation of every successful medical institution. The quality of patient care that a hospital or clinic provides makes the patients comfortable and satisfied with the procedure or medical emergency they have gone through to revisit the establishment in need of care.
    We are glad that our in-patient care services are one of a kind and that we can provide satisfying, high-quality care for our patients. If you or anyone you know is in a medical emergency or requires in-patient care, visit us at any location. New patients and walk-ins are welcomed at all locations as we offer same-day appointments.

  • Windermere Medical Group Patient Care Services

    Our patient care services program includes dimensional care to support every type of patient. From primary patient care conducted as a responsibility of medical attendants, supervisors, and physiotherapists to providing optimum critical care seclusion services overseen by a leading medical practitioner, a qualified team of doctors, and round-the-clock nurses.
    We are more than obligated to attest to similar means of service provision for in-home patient care. We enable and assist patient care essentials in the patient’s homes for ultimate comfort and fulfillment of any personal requirements. Simultaneously, we opt for technological input to keep the patient, and the caregiver informed about patient health.
    We utilize screening, diagnostics, excellent treatment, and frequent in-person visits to monitor the patient’s condition and update continuously. We believe faster recovery is a medical goal to strive for, and we leave no stones unturned to achieve it. Our medical expertise is deliberating for the best result in our patient’s favor.


    Call us for more information or queries about our patient care services.

    Who Can Benefit From Patient Care?

    Windermere Medical Group is inclined to provide top-quality patient care for the following types of patients:


    Patients Requiring Post-Surgical Care

    Many patients require post-surgery care for adequate recovery. It can be a physically and emotionally challenging time for the patient and nothing that our team of medical experts isn’t trained to handle.

    Patients In Need Of Post Hospitalization Care

    Long-term hospitalization can leave a patient handicapped from the usual lifestyle they were used to. Our team is trained in helping you get back to your life and regain the cognitive, physical, and sensory functions you essentially need.

    Patients with Terminal Illness Needing Palliative Care

    Patients at the end stage of their terminal ailments can struggle with the overwhelming nature of their condition and the physical and emotional needs to be fulfilled. Our team of patient care services will ensure that we help improve your quality of life one day at a time.

    Patient Portal

    We also have an exclusively working Patient Portal. It is an online app designed to assist patients or caregivers in acquiring in-home patient care. You can use your secure patient portal and mobile app to avail the following benefits:

    • Communicate with practice securely and efficiently
    • Review your lab results
    • Schedule appointments in real-time see the date and time of upcoming appointments.
    • Request a prescription refill from a pre-populated list
    • Manage your personal information

    To access our secure server on Patient Portal and become web-enabled or mobile app-enabled, sign-up by providing us with a personal e-mail address.


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