• Kidney or Urinary Care

    Windermere Medical Group Provides Innovative Treatment and Medicine Options For Kidney And Urinary Care .

    Our health care professionals offer an integrated and collaborative process for Urinary and Kidney care. We combine research, advocacy, and patient care to develop the best possible treatment plan to identify the root cause and treat it.
    The kidney and urinary care doctors and specialists at Windermere Medical Group are qualified and experienced in diagnosing the problem.

  • Urinary Disorders Treatments

    We offer treatment and preventive care for multiple urinary disorders, including:

    • Recurrent urinary tract infections
    • Severe vesicoureteral reflux
    • Posterior urethral valves
    • Urinary tract obstruction
    • Congenital anomalies of urinary tract

    Our team also handles other urinary issues that result in kidney issues.


    Our Specialists Finds The Root Cause Of The Disorder And Create An Action Plan To Improve Your Overall Health .


    Kidney Diseases Treatments

    Getting diagnosed with kidney problems can be challenging, but our health care team is here to help and guide you right from the start. Our team helps you understand the underlying causes and ways to treat or prevent the problem.
    Some major kidney diseases our team can diagnose and treat include:

    • Kidney Cancer or Renal Cancer that can be treated successfully upon early detection
    • Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) where the patient experiences a sudden kidney function loss over a few days
    • Anemia, which occurs due to low levels of red blood cells
    • Diabetes Mellitus (DM), which is the most common kidney failure cause
    • Kidney Stones, the treatment and prevention of kidney stones

    Our experts also offer treatments and preventive care for other conditions that are kidney-related while also helping you reduce your chances of getting kidney disorders if you are at high risk.

    The physicians at Windermere Medical Group can provide you with the right knowledge regarding both urinary and kidney issues and guide you about the best possible treatment options or preventive care.
    We also offer primary care, internal medicine, and family medicine to improve your overall wellness and ensure you lead a healthy life.


    Windermere Medical Group Works with Leading Healthcare Experts to Provide the Best Kidney And Urinary Care Based On Your Symptoms And Problems .


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