• Cryotherapy

    Windermere Medical Group Offers Cryotherapy to Treat Multiple Skin Conditions & Certain Cancers.


    Cryotherapy uses extremely cold temperatures to freeze an abnormal tissue and remove it. This treatment is used to treat some cancers, like liver and cervical cancer, and treat skin conditions, like skin tags and warts. It is also known as cryoablation.

  • What Is Cryotherapy?

    It is a minimally invasive treatment that removes diseased or damaged tissue that is caused due to different medical conditions. Cryotherapy is a quick and simple process recommended for multiple health conditions, including:

    • Skin disorders, like dark spots, skin tags, and warts
    • Retinoblastoma (retina cancer in children)
    • Early-stage cancers and precancerous skin problems, like basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma
    • Prostate cancer, liver cancer, or cervical cancer
    • Bone cancer


    Our Specialists Are Skilled at Cryotherapy Procedure & Can Treat Both Internal And External Problems.


  • Preparing For Cryotherapy

    Our team will provide you with proper guidance and instructions on how to prepare for skin cryotherapy. There is usually not much you need to do for external cryotherapy, but the healthcare provider will guide you regarding internal cryotherapy.
    You might be asked to stop taking some medications, like blood thinners or aspirin, a few days before the treatment. Other instructions might include:

    • Restricting the amount of drink or food you consume before the treatment
    • Arranging for someone to drive you after the treatment

    What to Expect During Cryotherapy?

    A cotton swab or a spraying device will be used in external cryotherapy. Our healthcare providers use liquid nitrogen mostly for this treatment.
    In internal cryotherapy, a small incision is made in the skin to insert the cryoprobe. Our team mostly utilizes the ultrasound imaging technique that allows them to guide the cryoprobe and freeze the tissue.
    You might be given general or local anesthesia based on the location of the area being treated.


    What to Expect After Cryotherapy?

    The treated area could become red and might blister after the treatment, but this will go away on its own. You might experience mild pain, but it should be gone within three days. A scab would form on the treated area and heal within two to three weeks. 
    You might experience mild soreness or pain in the affected area for internal cryotherapy for almost three days. Women who have had cryotherapy done on the cervix might experience a watery discharge that will stop within a few weeks. 
    Windermere Medical Group Has Leading Cryotherapy Experts Who Are Experienced In Performing The Procedure Based On The Diagnosis.
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