• Anxiety and Depression

    Unfortunately, among the most common mental health conditions in the US are anxiety and depression. According to ADAA, anxiety affects nearly 40 million US adults annually. Likewise, depression affects nearly one in 15 adults, approximately 6.7% of the population in any given year.
    If you or a loved one is living with this condition, reach out to us for help. Our qualified specialists can provide highly customized psychiatric care and support to relieve your symptoms while improving your mental health and quality of life.

  • Understanding Anxiety and Depression

    Anxiety and depression are two different types of mental health conditions, but some individuals may have anxiety and depression. Therefore, it is vital to understand what you are dealing with and seek treatment.


    What is Depression?

    Depression is characterized by prolonged and intense sadness, changes in sleep patterns and appetite, and chronic fatigue. It can lead to physical and emotional complications. It may negatively affect the way you think, feel and behave. If left untreated, severe depression may cause feelings of despair and hopelessness, resulting in suicidal thoughts.


    What is Anxiety?
    Anxiety is a disorder that causes intrusive fears and persistent worries disrupting your daily life. Though the exact cause of anxiety is unknown, it may be triggered by a combination of different factors like family history, irregular brain chemistry, trauma, or health conditions like thyroid disease and pain disorders. Some of the common symptoms of anxiety disorders are restlessness, poor concentration, feeling nervous, rapid heart rate, sweating, and trembling.
    Regardless of which condition you may be suffering from, treatment in both scenarios is crucial to restoring your mental health and enjoying quality living. This is what we at Windermere Medical Group can help you with.

    Treatment for Depression
    At Windermere Medical Group, our team relies on two approaches to treat depression- psychotherapy and medication. As depression could be triggered by irregular brain chemistry, medication is often suitable for addressing these imbalances. Based on your condition, our team may prescribe you anti-depressants medication.
    We also use psychotherapy for treating depression in patients, such as CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy. This therapy helps recognize distortions in thinking while helping patients modify reactions to those thinking patterns.

    Treatment for Anxiety
    Our anxiety treatment starts with an in-depth evaluation of your condition. Our expert talks to you in detail regarding your:
    Anxiety symptoms
    Overall health
    If needed, we also perform medical testing for screening signs of other health issues that may contribute to anxiety symptoms. All this further helps our specialists to provide you with a customized treatment plan to lower anxiety and improve your overall health and wellness. Similar to the treatment for depression, anxiety treatment may include a combination of prescribed medication, therapy, and lifestyle modifications.


    For more information or treatment, contact us today.

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