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Same day Appointments! Walk-ins Welcome!!

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Why Us?


Our state of the art, Full Service Primary Care medical office is open 6 days a week to serve all your healthcare needs. We offer extended hours on weekdays. We provide Primary Care services to individuals and families. 


The Windermere Medical Clinic is committed to providing each patient with an exceptional level of care and attention in a friendly environment. Our board certified Physicians and dedicated staff work together as a team to provide high-quality comprehensive care and take pride in paying close attention to each patient's needs.  Our focus is not just treating immediate and chronic problems but we believe that preventing a health problem is better than having to overcome one.



At Windermere Medical Clinic we are committed to providing health care that fits your busy schedule. We offer extended hours on weekdays. We are open on Saturdays and accept same-day appointments.


Need a reminder? No Problem! We will call, text and email to remind you of your set appointment.


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